Niko Aunio Appointed SVP, Materials Processing Products Business Line in AGG BA

Niko Aunio has been appointed Senior Vice President, Materials Processing Products Business line as of June 1, 2024. In his new role, Niko succeeds Toni Laaksonen, and his main task is to drive growth of the MPP business line with the MPP team and dealer network. 

Niko has been employed by Metso since 2007, working in various senior leadership positions in different product and service businesses especially in the areas of supply chain, service and product management. He transfers to his new position from the role of Senior Vice President, Manufacturing and Procurement in AGG BA. Niko is located in Espoo, Finland.


Niko Aunio, appointed VP of the Materials Processing Products says”

“I am super excited about this new role. The MPP team and global dealer network have demonstrated solid business performance and continuous growth in the past years. I am especially impressed with the strong partnerships between MPP and the dealers.”


 Markku Simula, President of the Aggregates business area says:

“I am pleased to have Niko steering the MPP business to the next level. Niko’s leadership, expertise, business acumen and passion for performance is widely recognized in our organization.”


 Toni Laaksonen, SVP of the Materials Processing Products says:

“I am very pleased to see Niko joining the MPP team and start leading the business line. He has been cooperating with several MPP units in the past years and helping them to reach significant business improvements globally. I wish Niko good luck in his new role and will provide all my support during his on-boarding process to secure successful start for him.” 

Niko Aunio
Niko Aunio Appointed SVP, Materials Processing Products Business Line in AGG BA